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Hydro the Hedgehog

Post  Hydro the Hedgehog on Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:01 am

Name: Hydro

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 13

Home: Lake of Wishes

Likes: Water, and cold stuff

Dislikes: Demonic, and Darkion

Friends: Blaze, Zero, Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Silver, Knuckles, Ashe

Forms: Angelo form, Diablo form, Antio form, Dawn the hedgehog form, Faithful, Reborn, Wish Warrior, Water Knight, Lunared

Appearance: Look at the avatar

Weapon: Angels Hope and Devils Rage

Life: 350

Water Control(0 Damage but allows water to be use as anything)
Aqua Spindash(50 Water Damage)
Water Wave(40 Water Damage and knocks of opponents of the floor)
Water Clones(No damage but makes clones made of water that can freeze opponents)
Aquatic Cyclone(100 Water Damage)
Hydro's Kick(50 Water Damage and traps opponents in a water jail for 1 turn)
Ice Ball(30 Ice Damage)
NeverMeltIce Armor(No Damage but gives defense from fire and ice attacks)
Ice Clones(0 Damage but makes clones of ice that can freeze, attacks with ice balls)
Ice Blast(60 Ice Damage and freeze's the opponent for 1 turn)
Ice Touch(20 Ice Damage and freeze's opponents for 1 turn)
Avalanche(100 Ice Damage cause's to turn the field to a field of ice and snow)
Angelo Summoning(Summons Angel Hydro)
Diablo Summoning(Summons Devil Hydro)
Antio Summoning(Summons Anti Hydro)
Dawn the Hedgehog(Summons Dawn the Hedgehog)
Water Guardian(The Water Guardian that Hydro met before)

Angel Hydro Form:
Angelic Shield(Invincible to any moves but canceled if get hit by a 100 damage move)
Waters Blessings(Calms down a person who can't control there forms)
Heal(50 Healing)
Angelic Spindash(50 Light damage)
Water heaven(transports Angel Hydro and his opponent to Water heaven)
Water heavens Punishment(300 Light damage Water heaven needed)
Sacred waters(100 Water/Light damage)

Devil Hydro form:
Devilic Shield(Invincible to any moves but cancels if get hit by a 150 damage move)
Devils Regret(60 damage Makes a clone of Devil Hydro and attacks the opponent)
Fire blast(50 fire damage shots a wide blast of fire)
Devilic Spindash(580 Dark Damage)
Water Hell(Transports Devil Hydro and his opponent to Water hell)
Water Hells Suffercation(350 Fire damage Water hell needed)
Burning Waters(100 Water/Fire damage)

Anti Hydro form:
Chaos Control(Teleportation, and stuns a opponent for 1 turn)
Anti Strikes(50 Dark Damages 1 time ends in 5 turns)
Anti Lurks(20 Dark Damage hits every turn)
Anti Close range Ball attack(70 Dark Damage)
Anti Strikes Extreme(Hits everywhere to hurt everything that lives)

Hydro the Wish Warrior:
Wish slash(70 Wish damage)
Wish come true(No damage but allows Hydro the wish warrior to grant a wish)
Wish Blast(50 wish wide damage)
Wishing Space(Teleports Hydro the wish warrior to Wishing space)
Wishes punishment(350 Wish damage buts can't be use only in 5 turns and wishing space needed)
Summoning Wish Dragon(Summons a Dragon made of wishing stars)
Summoning Wish Guardian(Summons a Guardian that is made of wishing stars)
Wishes Wrath(150 wish damage destroys the area and summonings on the field)

Reborned Hydro: Ability: Reborned Duplication[Can makes clones of user depends on how many forms that user has]
Reborned Spindash(50 Any Element damage)
Reborned Blast(150 Any Element Damage)
Reborned Rampage(200 Any Element Damage)
Reborned Devastation(300 Any Element Damage to everything that lives)

Lunared Hydro:
Lunar Spindash(100 Lunar Damage)
Lunar Blast(150 Lunar Damage)
Lunar Slash(175 Lunar Damage Lunar Sword required)
Lunar Stasis(400 Lunar Damage 5 turns needed to be used)

Faithful Hydro:
Faith Cry(0 Damage just Increases every attack that Faithful Hydro has)
Faithful Spindash(90 Damage)
Faith Blast(100 Damage)
Faith Spindash(150 Damage)
Faithful Cyclone(200 Damage)
Faithful Sanctuary(300 Damage hits every thing without missing needs 10 turns to use)

Water Knight: Ability(Weapon Element) - The user 2nd Element changes depending what weapon the user is holding
Warrior Slash(50 Damage)
Warrior's Cry(Gives the user a power boots)
Stealth (Turns the user invisible)
Water Hope(Heals the user by 100)
Ice Needle(alot of needles comes out and strikes the enemy that will stun the enemy for 1 turn)
Crusaders Finisher(Defeats the target with a single hit)

Rings: 200
Hydro the Hedgehog

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Re: Hydro the Hedgehog

Post  Blaze the Hedgehog on Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:12 am

Perfect 10/10....APPROVED
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